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Product Name: ARZ-3L

Product Category: Power Quality Analyzer and Homonics Control

Download: ARZ-3L

Product Details

Product Profile

ARZ®-3L power quality analyzer is an integrated monitoring, analyzing and controlling device that offers electrical parameter metering, harmonics metering and analysis, waveform sampling, measurement of Voltage swell, dip, interrupt, Voltage unbalanced ratio, demand, fault record, event record, data record. ARZ®-3L can monitor and detect if the power quality fulfills IEC and EN standard.

ARZ®-3L fulfils all the important requirements of IEC 61000-4-30 Class A standard.

ARZ®-3L can work with our power quality monitoring and management software to provide energy management solutions for enterprises. With its strong networking capability, ARZ®-3L can display and record all the data records on the interactive trend chart. A data report can be formed periodically. The report can be used for fault analysis, statistics, and real time monitoring purpose.


>Power quality detection and management

>Disturbance analysis, faults analysis, device pre-maintenance

>Long term record and analysis

>Power loads analysis

>Energy consumption evaluation and analysis

>Utilizing GPS synchronization to analyze the relevance between events in different locations

>Applied scope: Single phase and 3phase electrical power system


Main functions

Measured scope

1P2W3P3W3P4W3P5W  programmable

Basic parameters measurement:

Voltage, Current (including, negative, zero sequence Current), frequency, power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, active energy, reactive energy, energy demand, Current/Voltage unbalance ratio, energy demand.

Harmonics monitoring indicator

Harmonics (2nd to 127th), including total Voltage/Current harmonic distortion ratio, each harmonic ratio, magnitude, phase angle, active power, reactive power, etc.

Inter-harmonics(1.5 to 126.5)

Voltage flicker quickly (Pst), flicker slowly (Plt), swell, dip, interrupt and transient change (optional).

Surging Current (optional, only valid when matching with power clamp sensor outside)

Oscillograph, waveshape faults record

Real time display Voltage and Current waveform. Form the Voltage waveform and faults record on the occasion of harmonic component overlimit, harmonic distortion overlimit, R.M.S Voltage overlimit, short circuit fault etc.

Parameter record, event alarm

The built-in memory can record all the data that is needed, with the capacity of 32GB.

Power quality reliability detection

Display power quality detection result.

Multi communication protocol

Modbus-RTUTCP/IP, etc.

Help/guide function


Display and operate function

TFT true color LCD: resolution 640×48065535 colors; touch screen and key dual operation mode; wave display support scaling  operation.

Other functions

Online statistics; GPS synchronization; Network synchronization

Event alarming

Event triggered alarming function through e-mail and SMS.

Measurement Accuracy

U, I rms value:  0.1%

U, I peak value, peak factor:  2%

Flicker:  5%

Voltage unbalanced and Current unbalanced:  0.2%

Frequency: ±0.002Hz

Power factor:  ±0.002

Power:  0.1%

Energy:  Active energy 0.05% IEC60687:1992 (GB/T17883-1999)

        Reactive energy 0.05% IEC61268 (1995) (GB/T17882-1999)

Harmonics:   IEC61000-4-30 class A

Inter-harmonics:   IEC61000-4-30 class A



Technical Specification


a、AC Current input

Input method: Internal Current transformers: 4 channels

Nominal input: 1A~5A rms

Measure scope: 0.001A~7A rms

With power clamp sensor outside: 1A~3000A

Power consumption:0.5VA/phase

Overload capacity: 10A continuously, 100A /1s non continuously


b、AC Voltage input

Input method: Internal resistance partial voltage: 4 channels

Nominal input: 100V~750V rms

Measure scope: 0.2V~900V rms

Power consumption:0.1VA/phase

Overload capacity:1000V rms continuously, 6000V/1s non continuously

Frequency scope:50/60 Hz±15%


c、Remote signal input

6 channels remote signal input 24VDC

GPS synchronized port: TTL (B code), 485(B code)



a、4 relay alarm outputs, 10A/250VAC/30VDC

b、Communication port: RS-485 (baud rate: 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200bps)

c、1 channel Ethernet: (10M/100M Ethernet)




Operation temperature:-20~+60

Storage temperature:-40~+85

Operation humidity: 5%~95%RH

Sea height: up to 2000m.

Pollution class: Class II

Material of housing: Duralumin

Protection class: IP51


4、Other parameters

Auxiliary power supply: 85-265VAC/DC

Sampling frequency: 20.48k (50Hz)

Sampling resolution: 19 digits

Event detection time:48μs

Data storage capacity: 32GB

Temp. drifting factor:<10PPM/.

Withstand Voltage (input against output):3000V/1min (2mA)

Power comsumption: 15VA


5、EMC and safety test

EN61326-1 EN61000-4-2/3/4/5/12


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