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Product Name: ARZ-1

Product Category: Industrial Wireless Measurement

Download: ARZ-1

Product Details

Product Profile:

ARZ-1 wireless temperature and humidity detection system is composed by wireless temperature detection probes, humidity detection probes and display terminals. Adopting the         advanced wireless temperature detection technology, ARZ-1 transmits and displays the real time value detected from the local detection probes for the purpose of inspecting temperature and humidity on-site routinely. The alarm relay sends out signal when the temperature and humidity data exceeds or lowers the setting alarm value, and the alarm points can be found quickly by checking the alarm information. ARZ-1 also provides curve diagram for checking temperature and humidity variation in short period for equipments management purpose. ARZ-1 can achieve the remote monitoring function by transmitting the measured data to DCS monitor centre or equipments management centre thru RS-485 port or Ethernet port.



Real time monitoring and sampling temperature in the following areas:

Power distribution connector, like high-voltage switch contactor, bus connector, and cable connector etc.

Equipments onsite, like transmission system, pump, fan, and bearing bush in all kinds of mechanical devices.

Dangerous area like oil tank, gas tank, dangerous goods warehouse and other areas that are not suitable for manual work.

Transportation area, like port, subway, and tunnel etc.

Large area, like barns, frozen storage, warehouse, and public site.


Product Feature:

Complete user management function

Add, sort, and setup property of the temperature detection probes on line

Aggregated operating time management function

Wireless communication disconnection detection and alarm function

Exceed limit alarm function

Trend wave local display function

History data record and search function

Self-diagnosis function and fault signal auto sent when diagnosized


Technical Specification:

ARZ-1M temperature and humidity display terminal (max. of 108 probes.)

Display:  TFT true color LCD

Wireless communication distance:  100m without blocking.

Communication port:  1 channel RS-485; Modbus-RTU protocol.

Relay contact capacity:  5A/250VAC

Auxiliary power supply:  85~265VAC/DC

Installation Size:  91mmx91mm


ARZ-1T temperature probe:

Temperature scope and accuracy:  -20~125、、±0.5

Power supply:  Lithium Ion Battery

Life span:  5yearsFrom manufacture date to out of use

Protection class:  IP65


ARZ-1S humidity probe

Humidity measure scope and accuracy:  0~100%RH, ±4.5%RH

Response time:  4S


ARZ-1J heater

Made by high radiator type nichrome heater strip and high quality alloy aluminum panel, ARZ-1J has the advantages of heating-up quickly, thermal dissipation equally and long life span.

Input voltage as AC220V, heating power: 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W separately.


ARZ-1Z wireless relay

Wireless communication distance:  300 meters without blocking.

Communication port:   1 channel RS-485; Modbus-RTU protocol.

Auxiliary power supply:  85~265VAC/DC

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