AT8011 Portable power quality analyzer
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Product Name: AT8011 Portable power quality analyzer

Product Category: Industrial Measurement


Product Details
AT8011 Portable power quality analyzer


AT8011 is suitable for power supply corporation, Grid operation department and 

industrial and mining enterprise to measure and analyze power quality.

Mian function

With various operation interfaces, AT8011 can measure 3P3W and 3P4W Voltage, Current, 

Frequency, Phase angle, Power factor, Active power, Reactive power, Apparent power.

Real time measure and analyze harmonics, and 2nd ~63rd harmonics content and distortion 

also can be measured;

Display the real time waveform of each phase;

Display real time vector diagram, easy to check wiring on site, can identify wiring 


Measure various power quality phenomenons, record and analyze power quality events.

Main features

5.6’inch, 640×480 dot-matrix LCD, displays the operation hint and measured data;

Large capacity Li battery, the continuous working time more than 7 hours;

Standard IEC 61000-4-30;

Real time measure and record basic electric parameters, harmonic, flicker, 

Voltage/Current unbalance ratio, swell/dip, over voltage, under voltage, peak voltage 

and so on;

Set various triggering conditions to record failure waves and events;

Self-protection function, safe and reliable;

The weight of machine is less than 5Kg, compact and lightweight, easy to carry;

Support calibrating by userself.


Technical specification

Voltage Measurement

Channels: 4 (3 phases + Neutral ,AC/DC)

Nominal voltage: AC 50-380Vrms

Max measuring range: 500Vrms

Frequency range: 42.5Hz-69Hz

  Input impedance: 1.5MΩ/5pF

   Max power consumption: ≤0.035VA/phase(230V)

   Overload capacity: 1kVAC continuously, 5kV/1s non continuously

   Insulation strength: 2.5kVAC, 50Hz/1min


Current measurement

Channels: 4 (including 1 channel Leakage Current input)

Input current: 10A/100mV, 100A/100mV, 1000A/100mV, 3000A/100mV

   Max power consumption: ≤0.01VA/phase

   Insulation strength: 2.5kVAC, 50Hz/1min


Sampling system

Sampling resolution: 4096 digits/10 cycle (50Hz), 4096 digits/12 cycle (60Hz), 24 digits 

A/D switch, which conform to IEC61000-4-30 standard Class A




Remote signal input: 2 channels dry contact (consider several modules, optional)


Human-computer interface

Display screen: 5.7inch touch screen, resolution 640×480, 65535 colors

Operation mode: keystroke/ touch screen/mouse

Display refresh: 1s

Key reaction: no more than 0.5s

Language: Chinese/English

Data storage

Data storage capacity: 32G

Time setting mode (optional): GPS time signal 

Auxiliary power supply

Battery: continuous working no less than 2 hours with full charge, internal battery

AC adapter input voltage: 85VAC~265VAC, 50/60Hz or 110VDC-370VDC

AC adapter output voltage:15VDC/1.5A


Communication port

USB: 1 channel, 2.0 standard

Ethernet: 10M/100M

Other parameter

Weight: 5kg
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